What is travel insurance?

Whether you’re headed outside your home province or to the other side of the world, traveling can be stressful.

Travel insurance can help protect you from the difficulties that come from unexpected medical expenses.

Why do I need travel insurance?

If you’re planning to travel, there are many reasons why travel insurance may be right for you:

  • For the peace of mind. You’ll know you’re protected in case of an accident or sudden illness.
  • To cover unexpectedly high bills. The cost of medical care can be much higher abroad than in Canada,
  • To be supported by a team of professionals. They’ll make sure that you have access to medical care and arrange for you to come home if needed.
  • For unexpected hospital visits. Some hospitals require that uninsured patients pay a deposit of several thousands of dollars before providing the necessary care. With travel insurance, you'll save money on any potential hospital charges.

What does travel insurance cover?

When you’re traveling outside your home province, territory, or country, unexpected emergencies can cost thousands of dollars.

Your government health care plans have limits on how much they’ll cover. You may be left with any potential bills.

Travel insurance can help you manage your way through difficult situations:

  • Emergency medical care. Travel insurance can help when you need unexpected hospital, ambulance, and dental care.
  • Theft or loss of documents. Insurance specialists can help you reach the Canadian embassy or your financial institution if your documents or cards are lost or stolen.
  • Translation services. If you don’t speak the local language where you’re traveling, multilingual interpreters can help. In an emergency, these interpreters can help you communicate with local resources.
  • Trip interruption. Travel insurance can help you arrange for your return home in the event you must cut your trip short due to a medical reason.

Keep in mind that your coverage may not include any pre-existing health conditions.

Planning a trip?

Make travel insurance a key part of your preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does travel insurance cover my expenses in case I get sick abroad?

Yes, travel insurance will typically cover you in case you get sick abroad. Some plans may exclude medical expenses incurred in places where a Level 4 Travel Advisory is in effect.

Does travel insurance cover COVID-19?

There are policies that may cover specific losses arising from sudden and unforeseeable circumstances related to COVID-19.

Does travel insurance cover COVID-19 tests?

Depending on your plan, COVID-19 tests may be covered.

Does travel insurance cover cancelled trips due to COVID-19 restrictions?

Travel insurance typically won’t cover canceled trips due to COVID-19 restrictions. This is because COVID-19 is a known event, meaning it’s not unexpected or improbable that circumstances may cause cancelation or interruption of your trip. Trip cancelation or trip interruption claims due to the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 advisories will typically not be covered.

Does travel insurance cover accommodation during emergencies?

Some travel insurance policies may cover accommodation during certain emergencies.

What else should I consider before travelling?

You may have important reasons to travel in these uncertain times, such as for family or work. If you’re preparing to travel outside of Canada, consider the requirements of the country that you’re visiting. As with every trip, we recommend you review and follow Government of Canada travel advisories.

Please note: This is general information about travel insurance. Click here to learn more