Long term care insurance

What is long term care insurance?

It's easy to take our ability to perform day-to-day activities for granted. But this can change, especially as we age. This is why it’s so important to consider your future healthcare needs as you build and review your retirement savings and income plans.

Long term care insurance from Sun Life provides an income-style benefit if you become unable to care for yourself due to aging, a serious accident, severe illness or deteriorated mental abilities. The money is for you and your family to use as you wish – you do not need to submit receipts for reimbursement – giving you more control and choice while helping to protect your savings and income.

You may want to consider this coverage if:

  • You’re concerned your retirement income might not last for your lifetime if your health deteriorates and government programs are insufficient to meet your needs
  • You want the financial resources to help you choose the type and level of care that’s right for you if you have an accident or need substantial care later in life as you age
  • You want to protect your wealth and legacy from being eroded by the cost of care

Long term care insurance can help you:

  • Bring care into your home so that you do not need to downsize or move to a facility right away
  • Lessen the burden on care-givers and support your family financially if you are going to live with them if you need care
  • Manage your care and expenses if you have an unexpected severe accident, at any age, that results in your needing substantial assistance from a family member or care-giver

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Long term care insurance to meet your needs:

Sun Retirement Health Assist

  • Protects against the healthcare costs specifically associated with the realities of aging in the later stages of retirement
  • This plan offers a weekly benefit of $125 to $2,300
  • Waiting periods of 1 or 2 years
  • Simplified Underwriting

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How will your needs change in retirement?

You will likely require care in retirement, to some degree, as you age and your health changes. The level of healthcare and personal assistance you need – and the cost to meet those needs – typically increase over time and go through 5 stages. Understanding these stages and how they change over time can help you plan for the future.

Get long term care insurance

Step 1: Find an advisor

Talk to your advisor or find an advisor near you to help you select the right long term care insurance plan to ensure the best possible retirement. There is no cost to talk to an advisor.

Step 2: Meet with your advisor

To get the most out of the meeting with your advisor, take some time beforehand to think carefully about what you want to achieve. As your advisor will require additional information to recommend the plan that best suits you, have information with you on your basic income, your savings and expenses.

Step 3: Make your investment

Your advisor will handle the paperwork for you. You’ll need to submit an application for a policy that will be evaluated by the insurance company. This may include answering a memory exercise depending on your age.