Supporting health

Sun Life has a long-standing focus on proactive and preventive health and wellness programs that help build stronger, healthier communities.

Sun Life and Diabetes

In 2012, we announced our commitment to diabetes. Diabetes has become a global epidemic and affects approximately 537 million people worldwide, over 90% of whom are living with type-2 diabetes1.
Sun Life aims to slow the advance of type-2 diabetes and its related complications by boosting the health and wellness of our Clients, Employees and the community. We’ve focused our corporate philanthropic giving on the prevention of type-2 diabetes.

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¹ International Diabetes Federation

Sun Life and Mental Health

Sun Life is committed to supporting the mental well-being of our Clients, Employees, and the communities where we live and work. Our philanthropic giving in Canada supports increased access to mental health services for youth and their families from underserved communities.

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