Continue your health insurance after leaving a job

Why choose a Sun Life Choices plan?

  • It’s easy to apply: If you’re leaving an employer group benefits plan with any provider, in most cases you can qualify for a Sun Life Choices plan (with the exception of Choices Critical Illness Insurance), you don’t have to be an existing Sun Life benefits plan member.
  • Coverage is continuous: Seamlessly, you can maintain insurance coverage for yourself and your family. You may be able to get similar coverage to what you had in your workplace plan. It’s important to contact us soon after your workplace coverage ends. You will have 31 days to do so for guaranteed issue life insurance and 60 days for other insurance coverage.
  • Sun Life Choices plans are flexible:  No matter what your situation, or whether you need temporary or long-term coverage, there’s a Choices insurance plan for you.
  • Other options If you want higher coverage levels and are willing to complete a detailed health questionnaire, take a look at Personal Health Insurance.

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Choose from these Choices plans:

Health Coverage Choice (health and dental insurance)

Are you or your spouse a Canadian resident ages 18 - 74? Are you also covered by a provincial or territorial health plan? If so, you can apply to replace your workplace medical and dental coverage. You must do so within 60 days of when your workplace coverage ends. There’s no medical exam, and we won't ask any health questions when you apply.

Choices Critical Illness Insurance

Did you have critical illness coverage with Sun Life through your employer? If so, you can convert it for yourself, your spouse and your children. We won't ask you any health questions or medical tests. Keep up to $100,000 of coverage each for you and your spouse and $20,000 for each eligible child. You can convert within 60 days of when your workplace coverage ends. You and your spouse must be age 18 - 69 (or 65 if that was the max. under your former employer's plan). Your children must be under 18.

Life Insurance (guaranteed conversion)

If you’re under age 65, you can convert your life insurance to a new individual policy. We won’t ask you any health questions or medical tests within 31 days of when your workplace coverage ends. For Quebec residents, coverage is also available for your spouse and children.

My Life Choice (term life insurance)

This yearly renewable term insurance is an individual policy, which means it goes where you go. If you and your spouse are age 18 - 65, you can convert to My Life Choice within 60 days of when your workplace coverage ends. We’ll ask you a few simple health questions.

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Give us a call at 1-877-893-9893 Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. ET. You can speak with one of our licensed financial services consultants (registered as a financial security advisor in Quebec).

Other coverage options

As well as offering Choices, Sun Life has a range of life and health insurance products that can help you protect you and your loved ones, including personal health insurance and life insurance.

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1Registered as Financial Security Advisors in the province of Quebec.