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Unclaimed property

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Do you believe that you or someone you are acting for has this kind of unclaimed property with Sun Life?

Sometimes people who own insurance policies or investment accounts lose track of them over time. If you believe you have unclaimed property with Sun Life, you can ask the Sun Life Financial Ombudsman’s Office to search for it. We can also help if the policy or investment was with a predecessor company. That’s a company that later became part of Sun Life, such as Mutual Life/Clarica.

Please send us your request in writing, as we describe in the note below. Also include two pieces of personal identification, at least one with your photo. We will need four to six weeks to handle your request and let you know the result.

To find out more about how we help owners of unclaimed property, please contact the Sun Life Financial Ombudsman's Office.

Important note

It’s vitally important that we protect our customers’ privacy. That’s why we need to be sure that you have a legal right to the information and/or money involved when you ask us to look for unclaimed property. We must be sure you are who you say you are and you’re entitled to any money we might release from unclaimed policies or investment accounts. That’s why we ask you to submit your claim in writing and give us at least two pieces of identification, at least one with your photo. We will use your ID to make sure your name, signature and date of birth match those of the policy or account owner. As well, if you are representing someone else, please send us a copy of the legal document that authorizes you to make the request, such as a power of attorney.

To ask us to search for unclaimed property:

  1. Send us a paper form

    Print the Unclaimed property search request form and answer the applicable questions. Mail the completed form along with the ID we need to:

    Sun Life Financial Ombudsman's Office

    227 King Street South
    Waterloo ON N2J 1R2

  2. Contact Sun Life Financial

    Please contact the Ombudsman's Office at:

    Phone: 1-416-408-8954 or 1-514-866-2477

    E-mail: ombudsman@sunlife.com

    We will mail you an unclaimed property questionnaire for you to complete and mail back, along with the ID we need, to:

    Sun Life Financial Ombudsman's Office

    227 King Street South
    Waterloo ON N2J 1R2

We will need four to six weeks to do a complete search and will then contact you with the results. if we can't find the policy or investment account you're looking for, you may be able to get more help from these provincial or national offices: