How to get your RRSP receipts and tax slips

You can get your latest documents through my Sun Life:
  • Do you have a Group Retirement Services product through your employer?

    If so, sign in to my Sun Life, and choose  to view your documents.

  • Did you purchase a product through an advisor?

    If so, sign in to my Sun Life, choose , then choose ‘Documents’.

Find your RRSP documents on the app

You can also find your recent tax slips and receipts on the my Sun Life mobile app by selecting the Documents icon.

It depends on a few factors. Generally speaking, you should receive all your documents by the end of March. 

If you made a contribution to an RRSP between March and December, you’ll likely receive your receipt by the end of January the following year. If you made a contribution between January and February, you’ll likely receive your receipt by end of March in the same year.

All other tax slips and receipts will be available between mid-January to end of March.

If we have your email address on file, we’ll send you an email when there’s a new document to view.  You can sign in to my Sun Life to make sure we have your most up-to-date email address.

How to find your previous years’ tax documents online:

If you have a workplace plan:

To view tax slips and RRSP receipts from previous years: 

  1. Sign in to my Sun Life.
  2. From the Investments section, choose Tax slips & Contribution info.
  3. Find Download tax slips and receipts and pick a tax year.
  4. Choose Download.

Can’t find your documents online?

Contact the Customer Care Centre at 1-877-SUN-LIFE (1-877-786-5433), Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET. Or, you can use my Sun Life to send us a secure message. 

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