Organizational health

Organizational health

We support workplace strategies to improve physical, mental, and financial health. Our team of Organizational Health Consultants (OHCs) bring years of experience from across the health and disability spectrum. We provide strategic consulting services that can help you build a healthy organizational culture.

Our OHCs can:

  • Evaluate your organization health using your own data and information
  • Recommend where to focus efforts to meet objectives
  • Provide hands-on support to develop a strategic plan that includes actionable solutions for building a healthy workplace culture
  • Establish success criteria, and KPIs to help guide your strategy

We use a 3-step process to help you recognize, understand, and address any organizational health risks. Your dedicated OHC team will: 

1. Evaluate

  • Analyze and assess your organization and data
  • Provide reporting and insights
  • Continuous re-evaluation throughout consultation process

2. Plan

  • Guidance in creating a roadmap for your organization’s health goals
  • Recommend a custom approach that addresses your specific needs and objectives

3. Action

  • Hands-on guidance for organizational-level changes to foster a healthy workplace culture
  • Help build employee-level supports such as prevention programs
  • Integrate program learnings into your reporting and planning

We deliver a seamless experience from planning to action. Our goal is to help you improve business outcomes and employee health.

For more information about Integrated Health Solutions, read our IHS service overview brochure.

The Integrated Health Insights Report gives you a comprehensive analysis of your employee and organizational health data.

This report helps you set up baseline metrics for your workplace health strategy. We can use several years of data to show trends. These trends can shape your workplace benefits plan and show the impact of your program.

We offer 3 organizational assessment programs to support your strategic approach to organizational health:

  1. Our Workplace Mental Health Risk Assessment helps you identify the mental health risk factors in your organization. This proprietary report provides you with a roadmap to a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.
  2. The Disability Management Self-Assessment (DMSA) reviews your organization’s disability management policies and programs. This report will show where you are doing well and areas where you can improve.
  3. Our Organizational Health & Wellness Assessment examines your organization’s overall support for employee health and wellness. You’ll get actionable recommendations for areas that need improvement from this report.

Our Integrated Health Services (IHS) consulting team is available to assist you with implementing the changes you need to improve your organizational health. 

Read more about these assessments.

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