Estate and Financial Planning Services (EFPS)

Our focus is on lifetime financial security. So we go the extra mile to make sure that your financial planning needs – including estate planning – receive all the professional attention they deserve.

Navigate your financial future with a professional financial planner

While many companies and individuals claim to do comprehensive financial planning, they are often specialists in just one or two specific areas and therefore perform only a partial service, such as investment planning. In isolation, such plans may not fit properly with your overall objectives or even more risky, they may not identify potential problems in other areas, such as taxation. One of the unique services available through a Sun Life advisor is access to our Estate and Financial Planning Services (EFPS).

What we do

EFPS provides professional financial planning including: estate planning, retirement planning, taxation, investment strategies and money management related to tax and planning factors and contingency planning.

An EFPS specialist can:

  • Outline your financial position as it stands, describe the alternatives and options open to you and make recommendations.
  • Explore ways of increasing the value of your assets – for your benefit and for your beneficiaries.
  • Estimate the tax liability on your holdings and estate. We look at various avenues for minimizing your tax liabilities.
  • Review your will and business documents such as shareholder agreements.
  • Examine the liquidity of your estate and determine if there is enough cash to pay final expenses and taxes from the assets that you have. This includes a review of life insurance and disability income insurance.
  • Suggest ways to maximize your retirement income.
  • Explore ways to reduce taxation through personal and/or business planning.
  • Suggest options for business and farm succession planning.

A co-ordinated approach

Your Sun Life advisor can provide access to an EFPS specialist. One of our salaried specialists will meet with you to collect detailed information, review your financial situation and prepare a written report with recommendations covering a variety of objectives. The specialist can then meet with you again to present and explain the financial plan.

EFPS also provides consultations for specific problems such as estate planning, retirement planning or related business issues. You can bring your lawyer, accountant or other professional advisors into the discussion to ensure all parties are aware of the total picture, not just their specific role. Co-ordinating family and business interests as well as legal and financial concerns is important when assessing long-range financial plans.

Our EFPS specialists are not licensed to sell financial products. They are full-time Sun Life employees and are paid to be professional financial planners.

That’s the Sun Life approach to financial planning.

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