Online services

As a leading provider of group benefits, we're continually developing our online services to make it easier for you to do business with us.

Our plan sponsor services (PSS) website takes the hassle out of administering your benefits plan. Plan administrators are able to carry out a range of administrative tasks quickly and accurately, and because they're connected directly to our system, any changes are automatically updated in your plan.

Plan administrators can:

  • Add plan members and input enrolment information
  • Change plan member information to reflect any changes to their benefits, employment status, or personal information
  • View your plan set-up
  • Print or view billing statements and administration reports and download administration forms
  • Turn your plan's data into presentation-ready reports that can help you track your plan's performance and see where your claim dollars are being spent

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Learn about the features of our plan member services website to help give your plan members the tools they need to manage their benefits plan.


 SunAffinity is an online benefit solution available to your contract or part-time employees who are not covered through your traditional group insurance programs. Learn more at