Women aren’t always getting the health care and treatment they need. This is the gender health gap, and it's becoming a growing concern.

To dive deeper into this issue, we partnered with Ipsos on our latest research report - The gender health gap: its impact on working women in Canada. This report provides insights on workplace supports to identify concerning gaps and their effects on women's health.

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The survey examined a variety of women's health-related issues, needs, challenges and expectations of workplace supports. The report analyzes subgroups of women within different life stages. This helped us understand where their health needs are lacking and potential solutions that can help.

Did you know:

  • 60% of women said that their health issues could affect their career advancement abilities.
  • Most women (85%) felt they still bear a greater burden of household and childcare responsibilities than men.
  • There is a lack of awareness regarding many benefits for women's health, such as contraceptive coverage, fertility treatments and menopause support.

Women want care and balance in many areas of their lives. By directing awareness to this important topic, you can lead the conversation in your workplace.

Providing you insights on important workplace issues is part of our commitment to deliver you the Best in Health.

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As an employer, you can help close the gender health gap. The loss of talent and productivity due to health issues can be significant. Increasing supports is more than the right thing to do. It can also help you retain talent, increase productivity and decrease costs related to absences and leaves due to unsupported health issues.  

Learn and take action by:

  • recognizing how women's health is a growing issue in the workplace,
  • raising awareness within your workplace,
  • identifying ways to support women through better policies and practices, and
  • implementing potential solutions in the report to see positive results.

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