Voluntary benefits

Voluntary benefits

Voluntary insurance benefits are additional insurance benefits that you have the opportunity to offer to your employees – at no cost to you and with little additional administration. 

Why they are valuable: 

  • Employees can access additional insurance coverage at rates better than they could get on their own.
  • Your group buying power also means some coverage does not require health questions.
  • Employees pay the cost – not you – often through a payroll-deduction plan. 

We take care of the details 

  • Our voluntary benefits team assesses your organization’s needs to create a personalized insurance offering.
  • We create custom enrollment kits with plan-specific details and rates.
  • Dedicated employee support and materials.

And these benefits aren’t lost if a member leaves your group plan. Continuing coverage of each of our optional benefits can be purchased by your employees within the first month they leave your group benefits plan.

  • Resources

    The Critical Illness Insurance Bright Paper describes the benefits of adding this optional insurance solution to your workplace plan.

    This Bright Paper explains how this benefit can help your employees build a financial safety net and the role you can play in encouraging a healthier way of life. When your employees feel financially prepared, they can come to work with less worry.

    Want to learn more about the benefits you can provide to your employees? We have a team dedicated to supporting your voluntary benefits needs. Please contact your advisor for more information.