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Sun Life’s Organizational Health Assessment is an online tool you can use to help your Clients gauge how their business is doing. They can measure how they’re managing workplace culture, employee wellness, and their work environment. While this assessment may be most useful to your SunAdvantage Clients, it can benefit any of your Client groups. Providing resources and tips is one way we can partner together to help our Clients create better workplaces.

What an Organizational Health Assessment does

Clients can self-check how their business is doing in these key areas:

  • Leadership – Are they setting the right tone for their workplace values and expectations?
  • Organizational practices – Do they have the right policies and procedures to promote a healthy work environment?
  • Programming – Do they have workplace health programs to help employees and promote wellness?
  • Internal communication – Do they have an effective employee communications plan?
  • Evaluation – Are they measuring results and adapting their approach where necessary?

Actioning the Results

After completing the assessment, Clients receive a score and a tip sheet. The tip sheet outlines best practices and practical advice for how to overcome challenges in their business. They’ll gain a better understanding of any gaps identified and recommendations for improvement. For best results, your Clients should repeat the assessment to track and measure their progress. 

Providing a healthy workplace can help your Clients reduce turnover, attract top talent, and increase productivity.

Questions? We’re here to help.

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