Emergency travel - Personal Health Insurance

Do you have emergency travel medical coverage? You’ll want to read this before you travel.

Printable copy:  Emergency travel medical information

If you own a Personal Health Insurance or Health Coverage Choice policy (policy number 037000) and it includes emergency travel medical coverage, then you should read this information before you travel.

Travel checklist – What you need to know when you travel

Sun Life partners with an emergency travel assistance provider. Before you travel, please confirm the provider’s contact number by:

When you register for my Sun Life, you can access your policy information when it’s convenient for you. In addition to getting easy access to your travel card, you can access your coverage details and get faster processing of some claims.

Before you travel

  • Carry the emergency travel assistance provider’s current contact information with you when you leave your province.
  • Take your provincial health card with you or know your number: __________________.
  • Review your coverage as described in your policy. There are some limitations and exclusions to your coverage. Check your policy for details, especially if your health or an existing condition has changed.
  • Check the Canadian government’s travel website and read the travel advice and advisory section for your destination: www.travel.gc.ca.
  • Keep your proof of travel — receipts for your flight, car rental, hotel accommodation, etc. You’ll need this documentation if you make a claim.

If you have a medical emergency while travelling

  • You, someone with you, or hospital staff will need to call the emergency travel assistance provider before you receive medical care. Call the emergency travel assistance provider at one of the numbers on the travel card. Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Any invasive and investigative medical procedures (e.g. surgery, angiogram, MRI) must be pre-authorized by the emergency travel assistance provider, except in extreme circumstances. If you don’t contact the emergency travel assistance provider, your claim could be reduced or declined.
  • When you call the emergency travel assistance number, provide your policy information and describe the situation.
  • During the call, your coverage and benefits will be confirmed and you’ll be referred to a medical facility or physician.
  • You’ll be asked to provide your hospital, hotel or other telephone number so the emergency travel assistance provider can stay in contact with you.

Emergency travel assistance information

If you need any medical assistance, contact the emergency travel assistance provider immediately.

Physicians and hospitals can call to confirm benefits and arrange direct payment.

The emergency travel assistance provider has service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the USA and Canada, call: 1-800-511-4610

From anywhere else : 1-519-514-0351

Call collect through an international operator.

Fax: 1-519-514-0374

Information you need when contacting the emergency travel assistance provider:

Policy owner's name:

Policy number : 037000

ID number:

This document is not proof of emergency travel medical coverage. You can confirm that your policy includes emergency travel medical coverage by checking your contract or by calling Sun Life at 1-877-786-5433.