Paying Premiums for Personal Health Insurance

Personal Health Insurance

Personal health insurance helps you cover unexpected medical expenses, and preventive care so you can stay healthy. While provincial health plans cover many health expenses, there are gaps that may leave you with big expenses.

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For more information on payments and premiums for Personal Health Insurance, here are the most frequently asked questions.

How do I pay for my personal health insurance?

You have two options to pay for your Personal Health Insurance.

  1. Use your credit card to pay for your coverage. You can pay monthly or annually. We accept Visa and MasterCard.
  2. Have your monthly premiums withdrawn from your bank account monthly.

When do I pay my personal health premiums?

Payments for Personal Health Insurance begin the day we approve your coverage. We’ll withdraw the first payment from your bank account or credit card. Schedule your payments to be withdrawn:

  1. Monthly from your credit card
  2. Annually from your credit card or,
  3. From your bank account on the day of the month, you choose

Do we include tax on quotes for Personal Health Insurance?

Retail sales tax (RST) is not applicable to personal health insurance products.

Are my Personal Health Insurance premiums guaranteed?

The premium is determined according to the age of each insured person and the province where they live. We determine premium based on:

  • Age and
  • Province of residence

Premiums are subject to change if:

  • Your birthday (or anyone else on your policy) puts you into another age category; premiums will change on your next policy anniversary.
  • You move provinces (or anyone else on your policy), premiums will change to match the rates of the new province. Changes will occur on the date of the change.
  • We have the right to change your premium. We will give you 45 days written notice before we make such a change.

Will my Personal Health Insurance premium increase because of my claims?

No, when you make a claim for Personal Health Insurance, your premiums will not go up. Rates are adjusted based on the experience of people in your same age category, with the same product and plan.

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