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Personal Health Insurance

Personal health insurance helps lower the risk of unexpected medical expenses. It also helps you cover preventative care so you can stay healthy. While provincial health plans cover many health expenses, there are gaps that may leave you with big expenses.

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Health Choice Coverage

Leaving an employer’s group benefits plan?  Apply for Health Coverage Choice within 60 days of leaving a group plan. You can get coverage up to $300,000 with no medical questions or exams.

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For more information on Personal Health Insurance and Health Coverage Choice eligibility, here are the most frequently asked questions.

You and anyone on the coverage plan must be age 69 or younger at the time that you apply. The plan is renewable if you’re over 70. 

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You and anyone on the coverage plan must be age 74 or younger at the time that you apply. The plan is renewable if you’re 75 or over.

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Everyone on the application must be:

  • Legally living in Canada, and
  • Covered under the provincial health plan in your province of residence.

Health Coverage Choice applicants must have had similar coverage under a group benefits plan. You can only apply for coverage within 60 days of your group plan ending.

If you have applied for Personal health insurance and denied coverage, you will not be eligible to apply for Health choice coverage.

When you apply for Personal Health Insurance, we’ll ask about your health. Our underwriting team will review your application to see if you are approved for coverage.

Health Coverage Choice has no medical requirements; however, you must apply within 60 days of losing an employer benefits plan. 

You can include a person who is:

  • Legally married to you or in a civil union
  • Living with you in a conjugal relationship and represented as your spouse or partner
  • A child born to you, adopted by you, or a stepchild who is unmarried and entirely dependent on you for maintenance and support and who is also:
    1. Under age 21, or
    2. Under age 25 and attending college or university full-time, or
    3. Physically or mentally incapable of self-support and who became incapable to that extent while entirely dependent on the insured person for maintenance and support and while eligible under 1 or 2 above

Anyone included on your personal health insurance plan should be legally living in Canada.

No, when you choose a plan, coverage will be the same for each family member.

If you'd like to choose different coverage for the adults, you can apply for 2 separate plans individually. 

If you have children, you can include them on one of the adult plans but you won't get the discounted family price. You pay less as a family than you would as individuals.

You may include your spouse and as many dependents as you like.

Remember to gather the information you need before you apply. The birthdate of each person to be included on the application and their medical information (name and addresses of the family doctors and details of prescription drugs).

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