We’ve noticed a rise in COVID-19 scams by email, text and phone. Please be cautious. Here’s how you can protect yourself and what to do if you suspect fraud. You can also find the latest info on how we’re responding to the pandemic at sunlife.ca/covid-19.

Member testimonials

Lydia's her girl

The scenario

  • Name: Cynthia
  • Situation: Withdrawing money from her LIF
  • Investment knowledge: Average

A helping hand

The scenario

  • Name: Sara
  • Situation: Doesn't have time to manage her own investments
  • Investment knowledge: Average

So glad he took the call

The scenario

  • Name: David
  • Situation: He hasn't taken the time to review his investments since he enrolled in the Group Choices savings plan
  • Investment knowledge: Above average

An unsure investor gains confidence

The scenario

  • Name: April
  • Situation: Concerned about possible losses and needs investment advice
  • Investment knowledge: Limited