An unsure investor gains confidence

April knew that her retirement wasn't too many years away and it was the perfect time to revisit her retirement savings plan. However, thinking about the best action to take to meet her financial goals, was quite daunting. April was worried about the recent ups and downs in the financial markets as she couldn't afford to lose any money.

So, when Tracy, a Financial Services Consultant1 at Sun Life Financial, called April to do her annual portfolio review April thought to herself, the timing couldn't be better!

Tracy assured April that he could help her maximize the value of her portfolio by helping her complete a questionnaire that would determine her comfort with risk. After that, they could talk about which funds could help her meet her retirement savings goals. The questionnaire results showed that April could definitely benefit from diversifying her portfolio.

April was impressed with Tracy's knowledge and guidance and immediately thought of her other investments outside of Sun Life. Tracy offered to do a portfolio review for those investments so she could decide if she was satisfied with leaving the money where it was, or moving it to Sun Life.

April was so thankful for Tracy's honest advice she said, "I'm leaving it all in your capable hands, because I do need the advice. I need the help and I do appreciate it."

April also acknowledged that she would like to have all of her investments in one place, as opposed to be scattered all over. "I'll send you those statements, just so you can look into them and if it's feasible to transfer the money to Sun Life; that would be great."

Tracy explained, "Having your investments in one place makes it easier to track and see how they're doing overall."

Before they ended their conversation April expressed how relieved and thankful she was for the call and said, "You have been a wonderful help. This call was definitely worth it; this is my future we are talking about."

For a portfolio review call a licensed Financial Services Consultant1 today.
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