A helping hand

When Sara was transitioning between jobs, she transferred her workplace retirement savings plan to Sun Life Financial Group Choices plan. Now that she was settled in a new job, she decided to transfer her savings back to her bank.

When he received the transfer request, Tony, a Financial Services Consultant* from Sun Life, called Sara so he could complete the transaction.

Sara explained she found it difficult to understand her savings plan and she found it confusing to review her portfolio online. "I'm not a hands-on type of person. All I need is for someone to manage my money," Sarah said.

Tony sensed Sara's apprehension with managing her investments on her own. He also realized she was a new Choices member and perhaps was not aware of all the advantages of her Group Choices plan. He assured Sara that his job was to help members achieve financial security and he didn't get paid a commission to help Sara, or any other Choices member.

He also informed Sara that the Group Choices plan offers lower management fees, on average, than the top five banks** which meant more money for her retirement.

Tony walked Sara through her statement and when he clarified where she could see her rate of return of 10%, Sara said, "You've made it very easy to understand. You made it sound like a piece of cake."

Tony reassured Sara that if she had any questions about her account she could call or email him directly and that he looked forward to talking to her and helping her in the future.

Sara was pleased with Tony's offer. She just wanted assurance that someone was available to help her reach her retirement savings goals. Tony was that person. "I will meet with my bank to let them know I have changed my mind and I'm leaving my investments with Sun Life in my Group Choices plan," Sara said,

"That's the personal touch I really needed."

Call a licensed Financial Services Consultant* today to discuss your plan options 1-877-805-9303. There are no fees for this service.