Group benefits solutions for small businesses like yours with 3 to 49 employees

We know that time and money are precious to small business owners like you. That's why we created SunAdvantage™. Available exclusively to small businesses like yours with 3 to 49 employees, SunAdvantage™ gives you a simple, affordable, hassle-free way to help attract, motivate and retain employees by including a group benefits plan in their compensation package.

Offering essential financial protection and a range of optional benefits that allow you to customize the plan to your specific business needs and budget, SunAdvantage™ is both economical and easy to set-up and administer, making it simpler than ever for small business owners like you to give employees an added incentive to join and stay with your company.

Why SunAdvantage™?

  • You gain a competitive advantage, while employees gain added financial security
  • Potential for higher employee satisfaction, loyalty and productivity and lower employee turnover
  • Product solutions to help you manage plan costs and maximize the value of every dollar
  • Plan customization options give you the coverage you want at a price you can afford
  • Plan is fully supported by Sun Life so your administration time is kept to a minimum
  • Employee support via our Customer Care Centre, Plan Member website and mobile app
  • Quick, accurate claims payment to employees' bank accounts, usually within 48 hours


Support and Tools for Small Business Owners

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