• Retirement savings calculator

    Calculate how well your retirement savings align with what you can expect to spend.

What you get: An assessment of whether you’re saving enough to retire when and how you want.

 Take about 2 min.

Retirement savings

  • Life insurance calculator

    Calculate how much life insurance you will need to help your loved ones cover financial responsibilities after you're gone.

What you get: An estimate of the amount of coverage you need to protect those who depend on you.

 Take 2 minutes to get your results.

Use the life insurance calculator

Find out where your money is going with this easy-to-use household budget calculator.

What you get: An understanding of your income and expenses and a budget you can return to and update as your needs change.

Create your budget

 Takes about 5 min.

Work out your estimated life expectancy, based on recent actuarial data.

What you get: A rough idea of how long you could need your retirement savings to last.

Life expectancy

 Takes about 2 min.

Find out what will happen to your RRSP savings if you change your contribution rate or take money out.

What you get: An understanding of what contributions and withdrawals will do to your RRSP’s growth.

Calculate RRSPs

 Takes about 2 min.

Find out what factors can affect your CPP/QPP payments, and estimate your monthly pension income.

What you get: An estimate of your pension income at different starting ages.

Calculate CPP / QPP

 Takes about 2 min.

Find out how much retirement income you can get from a life annuity and see how it compares to income from a GIC or RRIF.

What you get: An estimate of your guaranteed retirement income with an annuity.

Calculate annuities

 Takes about 2 min.

What’s your net worth? Calculate the difference between what you own (your assets) and what you owe (your liabilities).

What you get: A clear picture of where you stand today to help you plan for the future.

Calculate net worth

 Takes about 2 min.

Should you pay off your mortgage or contribute to your RRSP? Use this simple tool to find out.

What you get: An idea of how much you would gain by putting money towards your mortgage or RRSP.

RRSP vs Mortgage

 Takes about 1 min.

Find out if taking an RRSP loan to take advantage of unused RRSP contribution room is right for you.

What you get: A recommendation on whether to take out a loan to contribute to your RRSP.

Calculate RRSP loans

 Takes about 1 min.

Calculate what it would cost if you became seriously ill and see how insurance can help.

What you get: An estimate of how much you would need to cover expenses if you got sick.

Critical illness

 Takes about 2 min.

Calculate how much you may need to save for your child’s post-secondary education.

What you get: A clear sense of the amount of money you’ll need to cover education costs.

Calculate RESPs

 Takes about 2 min.