For over 40 years, LigneParents has been there for parents so they never have to feel alone. They’re experts in parent–child relations and a resource you can trust as you develop your parenting skills. Talking to them could be a great place to start.

Otherwise, here are some ideas on how to support your child as they leave the nest.

Help them make the right decision

Your child wants to move out on their own? Start by spending a moment together thinking about whether that’s the right decision. Some young people want to leave the nest so they can have more independence and freedom. But there are other ways to get there. Like by saving up to:

But if your child still wants to leave the nest, at age 18, it’s really their call!

Help them plan for the big move

As a parent, you might help your child plan the big move. For instance, you could help them draw up a budget. Or figure out how many hours they’ll have to work to get through the month. You can also help them organize the move. Or lend a hand in finding government loans, grants and scholarships.

You can also help them decide what they’re looking for in terms of a place to live. Or even assist with house hunting. They could go with a:

  • Shared place
  • Small apartment
  • Rooming house
  • Student residence
  • Supervised apartment
  • Student host family

There are plenty of options!

Give them furniture/appliances you no longer need

There are lots of ways to help out your kids. Some parents set aside household essentials over the years to give their children when they move out. Examples include:

  • Kitchenware
  • Tools
  • Bedding
  • Decorations

Some parents even let their kids take their bedroom furniture with them. Or other household furniture they don’t need any more. Not many young people will turn down a homemade casserole either!

Help them settle in

Your children will probably need a little help getting settled. A few small actions can make a big difference. Here are some ideas:

  • Painting the new apartment
  • Moving
  • Getting set up in the new place

Do we have to help them financially?

Parents are under no obligation to provide financial support for children spreading their wings. But if you do decide to, you might either provide a monthly allowance, or cover some of the following:

  • Cell phone
  • Tuition
  • Bus pass
  • Winter coats and boots
  • Groceries

Is it a good idea to pay their rent? With responsible, self-sufficient young people, it generally works out fine, provided you can handle it financially, of course. But for young people who struggle with life in general, it may be a different story. For them, living rent free could mean they’ll put off actually taking responsibility for themselves.

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