Times & Dimes: A Canadian personal finance podcast

Times & Dimes talks to everyday Canadians about their relationship with money, and how it affects their lives.

On each episode, show host Graham Clark chats with a new guest about their financial journey, personal financial successes or struggles, and how they managed to overcome them.

You’ll find out:   

  • How life-changing events affected their finances,  
  • How they got through financial and personal setbacks, and   
  • How they navigated the ups and downs throughout their journey.

Tune in now to hear their stories.

Graham Clark is a three-time Canadian Comedy Award winner and co-host of Maximum Fun's “Stop Podcasting Yourself.” He’s also appeared on CTV, CBC's The Debaters, Just for Laughs and HBO's Funny As Hell. You may have also seen him as the west coast correspondent for This Hour Has 22 Minutes. 


Learning from failure as an entrepreneur

How do you rebound from a business that goes under? In the debut episode of Times & Dimes, Graham chats with Mudit, an entrepreneur whose self-described bad habits with money precipitated the end of his first company — but also provided many valuable lessons.

Opening up about mental health and burnout

What happens when earning a living leads to a burnout? Graham sits down with Jocelyn, whose own struggle with mental health pushed her usual brand of financial self-sufficiency and can-do spirit to its limit.

When debt leads to a positive change in perspective

What does being chased by debt collectors feel like? Graham talks with Tammy, who recalls coping with student loans, feeling the pressure of paying it all back, and how she emerged on the other side.

Finding a work-life balance as a business owner

What is the toll of owning five restaurants in a hyper-competitive industry? Graham finds out from Toby, a former bartender who took a big risk investing family and friends’ money to build a series of successful pubs and eateries.

Coping with uncertainty during COVID-19

Where do you turn in uncertain times? Graham talks COVID-19 and using YouTube for financial research with Evelyn, a pastry chef turned restaurant hostess, whose workplace met an unfortunate fate during a global pandemic.

Rebuilding your finances after the death of a spouse

How do you cope with the financial realities of losing your partner? Graham wraps Season 1 with Mary Lou, a retired mother of three whose husband’s sudden illness threw their life’s plans into an unexpected limbo.

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