SEPTEMBER 23, 2021

By Sun Life Staff

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Hoping for a happy, successful retirement? Sure you are. What will this long-awaited period of your life look like?  

Maybe you dream of living in a lakeside property or taking road trips in a convertible. Or maybe you just wonder how you’ll fill those long, work-free days. 

Worried you don’t have all the pieces together when it comes to preparing for retirement? A Sun Life Financial advisor can help.  

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How to live your best life after retirement? 

Turns out that life in retirement can be pretty good – if you’ve prepared for it. That’s what over 2,000 retired Canadians told us when we asked. The vast majority of retirees surveyed said they feel positive about their life in retirement. A majority said their emotional health has improved since leaving work. They describe retirement as more fun than their working life was.  

Whatever your retirement dreams, start by these top tips from those who know.  

10. Don’t retire until your debts are paid 

9. Become financially literate  

8. Plan how you’ll spend your time 

7. Take full advantage of your employee pension plan 

6. Have a financial plan 

5. Find new hobbies to keep busy 

4. Write a will 

3. Live within your means 

2. Start saving and investing early 

1. Take care of your health 

*From the 2016 Sun Life Financial Retirement Now Report.


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