Getting married

5 money tips for newlyweds

Congratulations, you’re married. Now it’s time to tackle that other M word: money.

How to protect your credit when you marry into debt

Yours may be a match made in heaven, but what if your new spouse is in debt and you’re not? Here’s how to prevent it from derailing your future happiness.

Save for your wedding with a TFSA

Invest in your future. Speak to a Sun Life advisor to get started with a TFSA.

Having a baby

Should you be a stay-at-home parent or put your kids in daycare?

Having trouble choosing between paying for child care or staying at home? Here’s how to figure out which path best suits your financial situation.

Should you take the extended parental leave?

While six more months at home with your baby sounds wonderful, it’s important to think it through before you commit to a longer parental leave.

5 smart ways to prepare for your new baby

The birth of your new little son or daughter signals a fresh beginning for your family’s financial security. Here’s what you need to know.

Raising your kids

5 smart ways to save for your child’s education

Have you started saving up for your little one’s tuition yet? Here’s how you can set money aside (even if you’re on a tight budget) for your child’s education. 

5 ways to support your relationship with your teenager

Want to be the supportive parent your teen needs you to be? Here are 5 things parents can do right now and for years to come.

Get answers to commonly asked questions about RESPs

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about RESPs. If you need more information, speak to your advisor, or find an advisor near you.

How much life insurance do you need?

Insuring your life is an important part of protecting your family. Here’s how you can estimate how much coverage is enough.

How much will it cost to send your kids to college or university?

Use this tool to find out how much you need to save.

All the moments of your life

Whether you’re thinking about your family, home, career, health or retirement – or any combination of these – we’ve got advice, products and services to help you live a brighter, more financially secure and healthier life.

Start planning your financial future with helpful advice

An advisor can help you make well-informed choices for building your savings and protecting your family.

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