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Looking for a prior authorization form?

Not all Sun Life drug plans need prior authorization.


You’ll need to sign in to your my Sun Life account to check if your drug plan requires you to submit a prior authorization form.


To find out if your plan requires prior authorization forms:


  1. Sign in to my Sun Life.
  2. Go to the ‘Benefits’ section.
  3. Go to ‘Drug lookup’.
  4. Choose the ‘Drug look up’ link.
  5. Search for your drug in the search bar.
  6. If you’re covered for the drug, select it under ‘Drug name’.
  7. Check under ‘Percentage covered’ to see if your plan requires a prior authorization form.
  8. Then, choose your form from the list.

Know you need a prior authorization form?

If you have your contract number handy, find your form here.

I need a prior authorization form for:

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