Group Critical Illness Insurance

No one plans to get sick. But the reality is people do. Optional Critical Illness Insurance (CII) provides a one-time, lump-sum payment1 if an employee is unfortunately diagnosed with a covered critical condition – such as cancer, heart attack or stroke – and survives a specified period of time (usually 30 days).

As an employer, you can help employees reduce the impact of a critical illness by providing Optional CII through your benefits plan. Optional CII is available alongside any other benefits you may already provide to your employees… at no cost to you!

Like all our voluntary insurance benefits, your group buying power allows you to offer coverage at rates2 that are often lower than stand-alone CII products.

Coverage without any medical questions
Depending on size of your company, your employees, and their spouses, may be able to get up to $50,000 of CII coverage simply by filling out a short form. And, their children can each get up to $20,000 in coverage. There's no requirement for any medical tests3 or health background to be provided.

Employees who would like to apply for more coverage (as much as $200,000) would need to complete a health questionnaire for our evaluation.

This type of coverage at your group rates is available only through an employer-sponsored plan.

Coverage is available to your employees, their spouses and their dependent children. Employees just need to be a Canadian resident between the ages of 18 and 70 and actively at work.

Employees will appreciate the value that the Optional CII benefit can provide in protecting them and their families. What's more, payment from a CII claim won't impact a member's other benefits. Optional CII is paid independently of all other benefits.

What does it pay for?
How an employee spends this money is completely up to them. They can cover everyday expenses, pay for medical treatment, modify their home – the choice is theirs. They could even use the benefit to supplement income if a loved one needs to take time off work to care for them.

Optional CII allows your employees to pay for unexpected healthcare costs and the treatment they need without:

  • having to borrow money
  • run up credit card debt
  • cash-in valuable retirement savings

What can we offer you?

  • A no-medical-test plan. You may be able to offer your employees an Optional CII plan that requires no medical information3 at all. Talk to us to learn more.
  • Portable coverage. If a member leaves your group plan, he or she may be able to keep up to $100,000 of Optional CII coverage by notifying us within 60 days of leaving. There's no need for a medical exam, and no appointment is necessary.
  • A living benefit. The lump-sum benefit is paid even if the member makes a full recovery.
  • Best Doctors® services.Adding more value to the plan, Optional CII can provide your member with access to a second opinion medical service that can help assist members in their assessment and recovery plan.
  • Child coverage. Plan members can protect each of their children with up to $20,000 of coverage. Children are covered for the same illnesses as the parents, plus 6 additional child-specific illnesses. One price covers all children!

We have a team dedicated to supporting your voluntary benefits needs. Please contact Voluntary benefits  for more information about Optional Critical Illness Insurance.

1 Diagnosis of a critical illness must occur after the effective date of coverage and you must complete a survival period (usually 30 days).
2 Rates are calculated based on your age, gender and smoking status as of the effective date of coverage. Rates are reviewed every year, may change, and will increase as you move into the next age band. Premiums may be subject to applicable provincial sales tax.
3 Optional Critical Illness Insurance that does not require health information will not cover any pre-existing medical conditions.