We’re introducing another layer of security when we need to verify your identity. All it takes is your phone number. It’s a fast and easy way to help us protect your information.

Sign in with confidence

Sun Life cares about protecting your personal information. With Two-Step Verification, signing in might look a little different, but it will help keep your account protected.

What it means for you

Sun Life is serious about protecting your personal data. Two-Step Verification adds an extra layer of security that will help prevent someone else from getting into your account. Sun Life will verify your identity with a text or phone call when we consider it necessary.

How it works

It doesn’t take long to set up:

  • You’ll start by adding one or more phone numbers.
  • You can choose to have the security code sent by text message, or by phone.
  • To confirm your identity, you might be asked for a one-time security code during sign-in. It may be because you're signing in with an unfamiliar browser. We want to know that it’s really you accessing your account.
  • You can elect to have this step included every time you sign in.
  • Never give anyone else your security code.

FAQs about our Two-Step Verification

Can I opt out of Two-Step Verification?

No. At Sun Life we are dedicated to protecting your data. Two-Step Verification provides an added layer of security to help keep your account safe from unauthorized users in case your password is ever compromised.

Why should I add more than one phone number for Two-Step Verification?

If you have more than one number on file, you’ll have more ways to get the security code. For instance, if you’re not at home with your landline, you'll be able to get the code with your other number.

If I don’t have a cell phone, how will Sun Life send me my code?

We can send you your security code to a landline phone number through an automated voice message.

Can I use an international phone number to get the security code?

Right now we support over 200 countries. This includes some international ​numbers as well as North American countries with a +1 country code.

What do I do if I need help with Two-Step Verification?

Give us a call at 1-877-786-5433, if you have questions. Our regular business hours are Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. ET

Will Two-Step Verification cost me anything?

There could be standard messaging and data fees from your carrier. Please refer to your mobile plan details for more information on messaging fees.

How is Sun Life using the phone number(s) I provided for Two-Step Verification?

Your phone numbers will be used only to provide you with your one-time passcodes during the Two-Step Verification process.

Will I need to verify my identity every time I sign in?

When you set up Two-Step Verification, you’ll be able to choose between two options for receiving a one-time passcode: only when Sun Life requires it, OR every time you sign in.

If you choose to receive a code only when we need to confirm your identity, we’ll still ask you to complete verification the first time you sign in. After that, you’ll be asked to receive a code only if we notice something’s changed.