Mutual fund investment services

Sun Life Financial Investment Services (Canada) Inc. (SLFISI) is a registered mutual fund dealer in all provinces and territories in Canada and is a member of the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada (MFDA). SLFISI is regulated by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) in Quebec. As a mutual fund dealer, SLFISI offers a range of mutual fund products from some of the leading investment fund managers in Canada.

SLFISI also provides transaction services support and compliance oversight for mutual fund-registered advisors. We ensure our advisors are aligned with securities and regulatory requirements and have access to products to meet your investment needs.


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  • Information for Clients

    As a Client of SLFISI, we think it’s important that you understand the relationship you have with us and your SLFISI advisor. Our “What you need to know about your mutual fund accounts” brochure provides you with information about:

    • each of our roles and responsibilities,
    • the products and services we provide, and
    • your SLFISI account(s).

    You can view the full document here: 

    Information, terms and conditions for mutual funds accounts (PDF) | SLFISI

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Invest in mutual funds

  • Step 1
    Find an advisor

    An advisor’s job is to help you understand how different products – each with its own features and options – can best meet your individual needs. Talk to your advisor; if you don't have an advisor, find one you're comfortable working with. There’s no cost to talk to an advisor.

    • Find the right person. Ask people you trust for recommendations.
    • Ask lots of hard questions – don’t be shy.
    • If you’re not comfortable talking about your finances with someone, look for someone else.

    Find an advisor

  • Step 2
    Meet with your advisor

    To get the most out of the meeting with your advisor, take some time beforehand to think carefully about what you want to achieve. To help your advisor recommend the right products for your needs, it will be helpful if you gather some basic information about your income, assets and liabilities – including your savings, investment and pension plan statements.

  • Step 3
    Make your investment

    Your advisor will help you with any paperwork that’s required and ensure your money is transferred. Shortly after making your investment, you will receive a statement confirming the details of your account. Your portfolio may be reviewed regularly to confirm your strategy and assess progress toward your goals.