Tele-interview | Life & critical illness insurance phone interview

What is a tele-interview?

A tele-interview is an interview over the phone to help us gather information that’s important for the evaluation of your life insurance or critical illness insurance application. 

What kind of questions will Sun Life ask me during this tele-interview?

A member of our professionally trained team will call you to ask you questions about your:

  • Medical history,
  • Immediate family’s medical history, and
  • Lifestyle

Our tele-interviewers support calls in English, French and Mandarin. We also offer additional languages through translation services.

How can I prepare for my critical illness insurance or life insurance tele-interview?

To get ready for your upcoming tele-interview, please review our preparation material listed below. You’ll find a checklist of what you’ll need for your tele-interview.

Please know that you may be asked about your:

  • Lifestyle habits,
  • Doctor’s contact information,
  • Medical history and
  • Family’s medical history.

Select one of the links below for more information about the questions we'll ask you:

What happens after my critical illness insurance or life insurance tele-interview?

We use the information you provided to see if you’re eligible for critical illness insurance or life insurance.

We’ll contact you if we need to schedule an appointment for medical tests or if we need more information.

Have questions or need more assistance?

Please connect with your advisor if you need help.