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If you are faced with a medical condition, trying to sort through the maze of information can be as stressful as the diagnosis itself.

With critical illness insurance or personal health insurance from Sun Life, you can get access to Teladoc Medical Experts – an international physician network that can help you understand your medical condition and treatment options.1

When you’re facing the uncertainty of a medical condition, Teladoc Medical Experts offers services to give you the information you need to make more informed decisions about your healthcare. Teladoc Medical Experts can help you get:

  • The right information
  • The right diagnosis
  • The right treatment

While your critical illness insurance or personal health insurance coverage is in place, you can access Teladoc Medical Experts services if you suspect you have a medical condition. You don’t need to make a claim to access the services. 

Contacting Teladoc Medical Experts is easy.

If you have a qualifying critical illness insurance or personal health insurance plan from Sun Life, and would like help with your medical condition contact Teladoc Medical Experts. You'll need to have your policy number.

  • Call Teladoc Medical Experts at 1-877-419-2378. Teladoc Medical Experts will recommend which of its services would be appropriate for the described condition.
  • or visit

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Family access to Teladoc Medical Experts services

With Sun Critical Illness Insurance, you and your family have access to Teladoc Medical Experts services. 

Family members include the insured person's spouse, parents and parents-in-law, and any financially dependent children who are single and:

  • younger than 20,
  • younger than 25 if attending college or university full time, or
  • physically or mentally disabled before age 20 and continue to be dependent.

The insured person can also extend a one-time gift of services to their grandparent or sibling.

Teladoc Medical Experts is available any time while your coverage is in place. You don't need to make a claim to access the services.


1 This value-added service is included with the purchase of some critical illness or personal health insurance plans from Sun Life Financial.

"You" and "your" refer to the insured person.

Teladoc Medical Experts isn't part of the policy. We can't guarantee its availability. it may be withdrawn or modified at any time without any notice.

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For more information on Teladoc Medical Experts, call 1-877-419-2378 or visit