The benefits of provider eClaims

Let your health-care provider submit your claims

Many of your health-care providers will be able to submit your claims electronically (eClaims) through a website managed by Sun Life Connect.  Your health-care provider submits Sun Life eClaims instantly to Sun Life Connect.* This means quicker processing of your claim.

Find a provider

Sun Life makes it easy and convenient for you to find health-care providers in your area who are registered with Sun Life Connect. The Lumino Provider Search feature is available on your mobile device via the my Sun Life mobile app and at (sign in required).

What’s in it for you?

Life is busy enough without the hassle of submitting your own claim and waiting to get reimbursed. 

This method of claims submission means:

  • Ease and convenience: a better service experience for you
  • Options: another Sun Life eClaims submission option
  • Less upfront expense: we’ll pay your provider for the amount eligible under your benefits plan and you pay the balance, if applicable

Please refer to this FAQ to learn more.

A well-protected choice.

Our anti-fraud technology electronically monitors the accuracy of these Sun Life eClaims. This helps reduce the risk of error or loss due to fraud.

About Sun Life Connect

The next time you need to visit a health-care provider, you may want to ask if they’re registered with Sun Life Connect eClaims. Sun Life Connect quickly processes your claims, and reduces time and effort to submit a claim.

*Note: Several employers continue to review this service and have not yet chosen to make it available to you. So, some of you may not be able to access this service.