Our underwriting teams offer various career paths and opportunities.

Group Channel

Work with employers to protect their teams and their families with extra coverage.

Dedicated Channel

Review Canadians’ insurance applications, including mid-market and affluent Clients. Also have an opportunity to work on elite and large cases, and a range of concepts including buy/sell, key person, and immediate financing arrangements (IFA). 

Independent Channel

Review insurance applications for affluent Clients and support our brand by providing exceptional experiences to the market.

High Net Worth

Specialize in underwriting ultra high net worth insurance applications, with over $7.5 million of coverage or $250,000 of annual premiums.

Underwriting Risk Management

Set risk management and philosophy direction for underwriting teams. Provide insight and expertise on both traditional and data-based risk initiatives.

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Professional development and continuous learning

Our underwriting training and continuous education programs are industry leading. We focus on depth and breadth of experiences to support your personal and professional growth. In a highly effective solution-driven environment, we invest in a journey that emphasizes development in core competencies, critical thinking skills and decision empowerment.

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Employee testimonials

“Sun Life facilitates our professional development through training school and experienced mentors. As well, the skills acquired from the self-evolving nature of the underwriting role are recognized and allow for our progression.” – Catherine L, Underwriting Consultant

“Sun Life is equally dedicated to fostering the professional growth of its employees and supporting their overall health and well-being.” Rowan S, Jr Medical Underwriter 

“I was looking for a job in the health sciences and by chance I heard about insurance underwriting. I got interested and it was love at first sight.” – Rokia S, Intermediate Underwriter

“If you’re considering an employment opportunity in underwriting, you want to be challenged, sharpen your skills, become an underwriter and let the skies be the limit!” – Alberto S, Sr Underwriter

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