Josephine Tay

Josephine Tay Josephine Tay

Josephine Tay

Role: Director, Global Asset Liability Management

Department: Asset Liability Management

Location: Toronto, ON

Institution / specialization / degree type: University of Waterloo / Actuarial Science and Statistics

Graduation year: 2015

What’s the most satisfying part of your job?

The most satisfying part of my job is being able to collaborate with different teams across Sun Life to advance projects that enhance our global portfolio. I get to see the direct impact that these projects have on our business. I find working with other teams a great way of getting a more complete picture of the implications of my work and understanding the many interdependencies.

How have the experiences you’ve had at Sun Life accelerated your career?

I started at Sun Life as a new grad. During my time here, I’ve worked in three very different roles that have allowed me to learn about different parts of the business and build out a diverse set of skills. In particular, I had the opportunity to work in Corporate Strategy, a non-actuarial area of the company, for my second role. I found the experience to be invaluable in terms of the opportunities I had to tackle important strategic questions for Sun Life’s businesses, hear different perspectives beyond the actuarial perspective and build strategic-thinking capabilities. Through this role, I have developed a greater appreciation for the different aspects of the life insurance and asset management business beyond the typical actuarial domains, like pricing and valuation. The new perspectives and skills that I have gained through this experience have allowed me to become a more well-rounded actuary.

Why do you think students and recent grads should explore a co-op position or a career at Sun Life?

Sun Life’s focus on developing talent makes it a great place to accelerate your career. Rotation is highly encouraged, even beyond the formal analyst rotation program, which allows you to take on new and exciting opportunities within the company that can help you learn about Sun Life’s various businesses, build out different skillsets and expand your network. At a large company like Sun Life, there are many opportunities available. By rotating through different roles, you will be able to build up a unique set of experiences and skills that will allow you to bring new perspectives.