Frederick Sackey

Frederick Sackey

Actuarial Associate, Group Benefits Valuation (Life)

Department: Group Benefits

Location: Toronto, ON

Institution / specialization / degree type: University of Manitoba / Actuarial Science

Graduation year: 2019

Why did you choose Sun Life?

After completing co-op terms at various companies, I chose Sun Life for full-time because I felt that Sun Life’s culture and focus on talent would help me achieve my medium-term career goals. Through my co-op experience, I found that Sun Life put a strong emphasis on learning and development. During my term, I was involved in a wide variety of projects where I had the opportunity to learn from others and take ownership of my work. I felt that my team was invested in helping me achieve my goals and in ensuring that I had a successful term. I enjoyed being part of a tight-knit team, where I was able to get to know even senior members of the team quite well.

What has been the most rewarding for you so far in your first full-time role?

I’m excited by how my role continues to evolve, providing me with new learning opportunities. Despite having been in my role for less than a year, I’ve been challenged with stretch opportunities that have allowed me to learn more about other parts of Group Benefits and to develop my analytical and communication skills. I’ve also had the opportunity to collaborate with other teams, such as Canadian Actuarial, to build platforms for information sharing. At the same time, I’ve had great support from my team, who are always willing to discuss new ideas and answer any questions I may have.

What are your favourite things about working at Sun Life?

Sun Life’s coffee chat culture is one of my favourite things about working at Sun Life. It’s always difficult introducing yourself to someone new, but I feel that the culture here makes it a lot easier. I feel a lot more comfortable reaching out to new people knowing that they will be willing to make time for me. It’s something that I have taken advantage of as a co-op and as an associate. I find that it has been very valuable to meet people from different areas of Sun Life and learn from their experiences.