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You are eligible for coverage if:

  • You've completed this request within 60 days from the date your group benefits ended and your plan had supplementary health and prescription drug through your employer (and dental benefits if you are choosing a plan with dental) 
  • You are in Canada when you complete and submit the application
  • You and your family members have provincial health care coverage and were insured under your group plan, and
  • Your dependent children are under 25 years of age (dependent children 21 to 24 years old must be full-time students).

Information you need:

  • The name of your group insurance company as well as the group plan number and certificate number. These are the numbers that you have used when sending in a claim
  • The name and phone number of your employer
  • The birth date for all persons who are applying
  • Your credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or your chequing account information. Choosing credit card will mean no delays in processing your application. If you choose to have withdrawals from your bank account, and the Personal Health Insurance - Pre-Authorized chequing (PAC) authorization for web application form 4392 [PDF, 1 page, 56 kb] needs to be completed and sent to Sun Life Financial within 20 business days of submitting this application 
  • Plan comparisons to know which plan you want:  Health Coverage Choice A, B or C.
  • Sun Life Financial's privacy and security policies so you know we ensure your personal information is kept confidential, protected and secure.

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Published: 08/01/2008
Last updated: 08/01/2008