Member FAQ

What’s the CDCP?

The CDCP will help ease financial barriers for Canadian residents that have an adjusted family net income of less than $90,000 and don’t have access to employer sponsored or private dental coverage.

How do Canadian residents apply?

The CDCP will be rolled out using a phased approach (starting with seniors, persons with disabilities and children under 18).

Eligible Canadian residents will be able to apply to the CDCP through the Government of Canada.

When can Canadian residents start getting dental coverage?

Once deemed eligible, Canadian residents’ information will be shared by Service Canada to Sun Life for CDCP enrolment. Once enrolled, individuals that are covered under the CDCP will receive a welcome package with coverage details (including a member card and their coverage start date). 

The coverage start date is determined based on when an individual's application was received and when an individual was enrolled in the CDCP.

Which services are included in the CDCP?

View the services that are covered by the CDCP.  

How can members find participating CDCP oral health care providers?

As of March 11, 2024, oral health providers have been confirming their participation in the CDCP. Members can find participating providers via the CDCP Provider Search.

Should members bring their member card with them to their appointments?

Members should bring their member card and valid identification to their oral health care appointments. This will help participating providers confirm CDCP member eligibility with Sun Life quickly.

Can members use their member card for their spouse and/or children?

Only members can use their member card. Family members that are covered under the CDCP will get their own member card once their enrolment is approved.

Can members submit claims directly for CDCP services?

Sun Life will not reimburse CDCP Clients. Claims for services covered under the CDCP must be submitted by a participating CDCP oral health provider directly to Sun Life. The CDCP will pay for any eligible CDCP services directly to the participating provider.

For services that aren't covered by the CDCP, members will have to pay for those services directly to their oral health provider, if applicable.

The Canadian Dental Care Plan is administered by Sun Life on behalf of the Government of Canada.

For more information about the CDCP, visit the Government of Canadawebsite.