Welcome to the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP)

As a CDCP member, you’ll receive a welcome package from Sun Life within 3 months of completing your application. The welcome package will include coverage details, a member card and an effective coverage start date. The coverage start date is based on when you apply and when you’ll be enrolled in the CDCP.

As a reminder, the CDCP will only cover services that are provided by participating CDCP oral health providers. If you have a preferred oral health provider, ensure that they’re participating in the CDCP to receive coverage for their services, or search for a CDCP oral health provider via the CDCP Provider Search.

CDCP Provider Search

CDCP Provider Search gives members easy access to CDCP oral health providers in their region. Members can filter search results and choose from a network of participating providers across Canada.

Interested in learning more about your coverage before booking an appointment? Check out the CDCP dental benefits guide

If you're not a member and you'd like to apply to the CDCP, visit the Government of Canada website.

The Canadian Dental Care Plan is administered by Sun Life on behalf of the Government of Canada.

For more information about the CDCP, visit the Government of Canadawebsite.