Webinar agenda

Tuesday, March 29, 2022
Event run time: 1:15 to 2:45 p.m. ET

2021 Industry Watch

  • Dhvani Desai, DB Solutions
  • Ashwin Gopwani, SLC Management

With an improved DB pension plan funded status, you may be thinking about crystallizing recent gains and taking risks off your plan. In this session, you’ll hear about key trends in the Canadian group annuity market from 2021, the impact inflation is having on DB pension plans’ investment portfolios and, why 2022 is a great time to take action.

Rio Tinto's de-risking journey

  • Jérôme Couture, Rio Tinto
  • Véronique Lauzière, LifeWorks
  • Eric Soehner, DB Solutions
  • Moderator: Mathieu Tessier, DB Solutions

We’ll zoom in on Rio Tinto’s de-risking journey, including their $560 million annuity buy-in transaction for the Iron Ore Company. We will touch on considerations before, during and after the transaction and how their members’ financial security was at the center of this decision. This panel discussion will include Rio Tinto (plan sponsor), LifeWorks (consultant) and Sun Life (insurer) to shed light on all sides of the transaction. 


Host, Brent Simmons

Head, DB Solutions

Dhvani Desai

Director, Client Relationships, DB Solutions

Ashwin Gopwani

Managing Director, Client Solutions, SLC Management

Moderator, Mathieu Tessier

SMD, Client Relationships & Innovation, DB Solutions

Eric Soehner

Managing Director, Structuring, DB Solutions

Véronique Lauzière

Associate Partner, Investment and Risk & Innovation, LifeWorks

Jérôme Couture

Principal, Pension Investments & Actuarial, RioTinto

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