Global Investment Conference
Banff, Alberta

North-South Dialogue on LDI Trends and Challenges

Participants: Brent Simmons, Carl Bang (Sun Life Investment Management) and Sean McShea (Ryan Labs Asset Management)

While Canada and the United States share many broad similarities, differences in economic health, pension regulation and government policy are leading to different needs and challenges for pension plan sponsors on either side of the border. In the United States, interest rates are rising and economic growth is gaining traction. Uncertainty around the economic policies of the incoming Trump government has created an environment where plans are trying to decide whether they should protect recent funding gains. In Canada, while economic growth continues to lag, a movement in higher interest rates alongside the United States has moved many plans closer to fully funded status at a time when solvency rules are changing. Against this economic backdrop, Brent joins his Sun Life Investment Management colleagues to discuss the improving liability driven investing environment in the United States and Canada, and some of the solutions pension plans are seeking to support the pension promise and long-term funding health.