FEI Canada Annual Conference
Toronto, Ontario

Has your DB pension business model failed you?

Presenter: Mathieu Tessier

Imagine if one of your colleagues approached you with a new business idea: let’s create a division that borrows money to make bets on the equity and bond markets, in the hope of generating excess returns for our shareholders. Unless you happen to work at a hedge fund, it’s not a business model that makes a lot of sense. So why do many companies follow this strategy for their defined benefit (DB) pension plans?

If your organization has a DB pension plan, attend this seminar to find out why this strategy has failed most companies over the last 20 years – making their pension plans more costly while putting their employees’ retirement security at risk. The session covered real life examples of what forward-thinking financial executives have been doing to recast their pension business model and refocus their risk on their core business.

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