Canadian Pension Risk Strategies Summit
Toronto, Ontario

Workshop: The price is right – or is it? An insider’s view of annuity pricing and the true costs of de-risking

Presenter: Mathieu Tessier and Marie Desrochers

The growth of the annuity market continues to accelerate with a nearly $2 billion increase over the last two years. While many plan sponsors see the value in transferring their pension risk to an insurer, we continue to see a lot of confusion in the market about annuity pricing. The workshop will pull back the veil to show how insurers price annuities, what the impact is of recent market conditions for affordability and tips on how plan sponsors can get the best annuity price.

Panel Discussion: LDI 2.0

Participants: Mathieu Tessier, Duncan Burill (CBC Pension Plan), Roxton McNeal (UPS Pension Group), Rick Ratkowski (NISA)

While Liability Driven Investing has been around awhile, it has undergone an evolution. There is less mark-to-market and a broader definition of what is called LDI. Modern LDI strategies tend to be accompanied by a return-seeking portfolio and contain a broader array of fixed income assets. This panel will discuss how and why LDI has evolved and best practices for implementing, managing and monitoring an LDI strategy today.

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