Lumino Health Virtual Care FAQ

Lumino Health Virtual Care addresses the needs of you and your family members who:

  • do not have a family doctor, or
  • cannot book an appointment to see their doctor quickly.

The service can also help you decide whether you need more urgent care, such as hospital emergency services. 

Lumino Health Virtual Care brings the best of two offerings together – Lumino Health and Dialogue. The virtual care service is powered by Dialogue, Canada’s leading telemedicine provider.

Yes. To get started:

  • Go to or download the Lumino Health Virtual Care app for iPhone and Android.
  • Type in the insured’s name and birthdate.
  • Type in your postal code listed in your welcome letter.

Only the insured person and their immediate family members, including their spouse and dependents, can access the service. Dependents are:

  • the children of the insured or their spouse
  • under age 21 or under age 25 if they are full-time students, and
  • living in the same household.

Yes! Your immediate family members, including dependents, can access this service. Your dependents can be:

  • Your or your spouse’s children
  • under age 21 or under age 25 if they are full time students, and
  • live in the same household.

You can add additional email addresses for family members once you register. Email addresses are needed for anyone over the age of 14, based on medical privacy laws.

After you have registered, you can contact Dialogue directly on their website for help.

There is no limit to the number of consultations. However, in its terms of use, Dialogue reserves the right to terminate an account for any reason without notice.

Dialogue can share medical records, but upon request only. You have access to all of your own medical records through the app. This feature makes it easy to share your records with your family doctor.

Yes. When you create an account, you are creating your own medical record with Dialogue. The notes from any previous calls are available to the Dialogue practitioner.

In order to qualify for the service, you need to provide identification that proves you’re legally in Canada. Any type of official document that proves this information is sufficient. To register, you’ll need to provide the picture of an ID card such as a visa and passport or one piece of photo ID that shows proof that you’re legally in Canada. However, If available, the service provider will use the health card number for any kind of external referral (prescriptions, labs, specialists, etc.).

No Sun Life does not have access to any medical information you provide to Dialogue or discuss with them during the visit. This medical information is confidential. Only you and Dialogue will have access to your medical information.

Lumino Health Virtual Care is available for one year as long as the policy is in effect. It is not part of the policy and we can't guarantee its availability. It may be withdrawn or modified at any time without any notice.