Plan member contest coming soon!


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Offering the best possible plan member experience requires not only listening to our members, but also hearing them. That’s why we’ve decided to launch the Making life brighter for you contest on May 1, 2009, through our Plan Member Services website. This will encourage plan member feedback about our services — how the services have enhanced their benefits and retirement plan experience and what we can do to make their experience better.


Demonstrating the value of your benefits plan and making it fun!

Research tells us the most effective way to communicate the value of a benefits plan is through plan members themselves, in fun and interesting ways. And this contest is going to do just that. For five weeks (May 1 to June 4), plan members will be able to send us their stories about how we make life brighter or could make life brighter for them. Each eligible story will give plan members an entry into a random weekly draw for a chance to win a $500 JUMP card. (We will give away a total of 15 $500 JUMP cards throughout the contest. They can be used at over 250 retailers, restaurants and travel service providers across Canada.)


Improving the plan member experience

Through the Plan Member Services website, members will also be able to view many of the contest submissions that we’ve received. Not only will plan members see the value others are receiving from the services available, it also provides a chance for all members to participate by letting them tell us which stories resonate with them. This will give us important insight about what they value most as we continue to improve and expand the plan member experience.

When the contest closes, our work is really just beginning. We will review all the feedback we’ve received and share our key learnings with you. These learnings will help shape future enhancements.


Member participation is key

The more feedback we receive, the better informed our direction for future enhancements will be, so we encourage you to promote the contest to your plan members using the following resources:


  • We will begin to promote the contest on the Plan Member Services website beginning April 16.
  • Plan members for whom we have a validated e-mail on file will receive one e-mail reminder during the open contest period.



Please contact your Sun Life Financial group representative.