Sun Life RightDirections EAP - new videos show benefits of this great program


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Following the launch of the Sun Life RightDirections Employee Assistance Program in May this year we have generated lots of excitement about our ‘new kind of EAP’.

We have now launched an informative new video that tells you more about how this new kind of EAP can help businesses of all sizes. Visit today to watch how Sun Life RightDirections EAP can benefit your organization.

Helping you promote RightDirections in your organization

If you already have Sun Life RightDirections as part of your plan, we have developed a useful video for your plan members. It shows the breadth of services available through Sun Life RightDirections and will help you raise awareness of the program within your organization.  Please contact your Sun Life Financial group benefits representative to access this video and share it with your plan members.


Please contact your Client Service Administrator at 1-877-786-7227.