At Sun Life, we’re committed to offering our Clients the best products and services available.

We look externally for access to new expertise, capabilities and offerings that bring value to our sponsors and plan members. We focus on strategic partnerships that support our business objectives and provide new sources of innovation.

Step 1


We regularly conduct research and analysis to understand what plan members and sponsors want (and how they want it delivered).

Step 2


From there, we partner with experts, including those in the startup industry, to source the best prospects, whom we evaluate for best fit.

Step 3


Once we complete the piloting phase, and determine the partnership to be successful in terms of meeting the needs of our Clients, we proceed with building a more permanent, ongoing partnership.

Types of partnerships we're exploring:
  • Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)
  • Estate planning
  • Student loan repayment
  • Emergency savings
  • Cyber security and identity theft 
  • Commercial debt repayment
  • Budgeting/spending assistance
  • Tax services
  • Mortgages
  • Property and casualty insurance

Our startup industry partners include:
  • MaRS
  • Plug and Play
  • Luge Capital
  • Omers Ventures

Ongoing partnerships include

Sun Life partnered with BestLifeRewarded Innovations to offer a first-in-Canada digital tool that can help employees manage their financial, physical and mental health with sustainable change.


The platform, which is the only one of its kind in Canada, will guide individuals on their customized wellness journey, including:

  • A personalized action plan that sets Clients on the right path to improve their overall financial, physical and mental health;
  • The ability to track wellness activities, including nutrition, sleep patterns and financial well-being;
  • Online courses, articles and tips to help Clients on their customized journey;
  • Nudges and reminders for healthy behaviours such as staying active, drinking more water, and staying on track with monthly budgets; and
  • Contests, challenges, and daily actions to earn points towards rewards from Canada's top retailers.


Learn more about MyWellness Rewards, Sun Life’s reward-based platform encouraging plan members to embrace life-long financial and health habits through an interactive experience.

We’ve partnered with the non-profit Credit Counselling Society (CCS) and the Credit Counselling Service of Atlantic Canada, Inc. These organizations now offer free credit counselling, free access to CCS webinars and debt management services to plan members.

Plan members have access to one-on-one financial counselling with an accredited financial counsellor. The appointments are free, confidential and have no impact on a plan member’s credit report.

Plan members also have access to the Debt Management Program*. This program helps plan members consolidate debts into one monthly payment they can afford. It can help them become debt-free in a reasonable amount of time – without permanently impacting their credit or record.


*Fees may apply for the debt management product.