We’re pleased to share our latest infographic: Sustainable investing: shaping a better future.

COVID-19 has accelerated the focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations for organizations and governments globally.

Sustainable investing includes managing money with ESG factors embedded in decision-making. This not only makes for a better world. It can make for a more resilient investment portfolio that better withstands economic shocks and stresses.

But what are the ESG concerns of plan members? And how much do they factor these into their investment decisions?

We created this ESG Infographic to help demystify how sustainability can help increase the resiliency of your workplace plan. It answers many of the questions you may have about ESG and your plan members. This includes:

  • some specific ESG concerns of plan members
  • how many factor ESG into their investment decisions
  • how many believe that sustainable investing can address ESG issues.

Plan members are passionate about many ESG issues. And they’re looking to align their sustainable investment goals with their investments for a brighter future and a more resilient portfolio. 

We can help – with our ESG evaluation framework

Our proprietary GRS ESG evaluation framework makes sustainable investing easier. It can help you determine where your current managers and funds are on the ESG integration spectrum. You can then determine whether your current options align with your own sustainability objectives and with those of your members.

You’ll find more details about the framework here. You can also learn more about sustainable investing on our new GRS Sustainable Investing webpage.

Learn more about sustainable investing within your plan

We encourage you to leverage our sustainability expertise – and help your plan members create more resilient investment portfolios. Speak to your Sun Life representative or visit sunlife.ca/sustainability.