We’re pleased to share our latest Bright Paper How Science-based wellness measurably improves employee health: A 3-year case study, written in partnership with BestLifeRewarded (BLR). The case study outlines how myWellness Rewards improves measures of financial, physical and mental health. Using 3 years of Sun Life employee data, the case-study demonstrates the impact and benefit of the platform on employee’s holistic wellness. Launched in 2018 in partnership with BLR, myWellness Rewards’ suite of science-based wellness offerings provides holistic support to employees. 

Key outcomes from the case study include:

  • 13-16% reduction of employees at high financial risk.
  • 3% reduction of employees with high risk stress.
  • 5% reduction of employees with a high risk of being overwhelmed by work-life balance challenges.

The benefits of holistic wellness for Plan Sponsors

The platform’s tools offer several personalized interventions and motivators to support improved employee wellbeing. This approach to wellness aims to reduce absence rates and promote healthier outcomes including

  • Leveraging behaviourial science to determine what motivates employees to work towards long-term goals.
  • Providing positive reinforcement to increase confidence in the ability to achieve goals.
  • Reducing absence rates and stress.

Read the full case study and learn additional details about myWellness Rewards.

For questions, please contact :

Georgia Galanis, Director, Wealth Onboarding Programs