Plan members are increasingly looking for advice, tools and products to assist with retirement income questions. As ideas of retirement continue to change, helping plan members bridge the gap between expectations and reality is of growing importance for plan sponsors desiring to drive better retirement outcomes.

Meeting the Decumulation Challenge is a new hub on our GRS Workplace site aimed at housing content and resources that tackle the most pressing decumulation topics. The site will feature our 10-part series and breaking down various retirement income considerations and strategies citing both Sun Life and external subject matter experts. Housing the latest in Sun Life research, trends and approaches, the hub aims to support complex decisions with expert and accessible content.  

The first article of the series Do retirement income plans match reality?  provides introduction to themes which will be covered in subsequent pieces.

Our new dedicated retirement income - decumulation - hub aims to make it easier for you to leverage expertise of Sun Life and to access the resources they need to support their members to and through retirement. 

Resources from across Sun Life will be linked to through this hub as they are updated and as our decumulation research evolves.

Topics to look forward to:

  • What are the range of retirement income options in plan and out of plan
  • How can income options be communicated and tailored to member needs
  • The role of asset consolidation in managing retirement income.
  • 2022 changes to Old Age Security