It’s here! Designed for Savings 2017: Industry Reports is the newest edition of our ground-breaking benchmark report on workplace savings. Each of the 12 reports provides the most comprehensive capital accumulation plan data and insights on specific Canadian industries.

You’ll find reports on:

  • Academic Institutions
  • Associations & Affiliations (Incl. First Nations)
  • Consumer Discretionary Firms
  • Consumer Staples Firms
  • Energy Firms
  • Financial Firms
  • Healthcare Services Firms
  • Industrial Firms
  • Materials Firms
  • Professional Services Firms
  • Small Business Firms
  • Technology Firms

About the reports

Designed for Savings 2017: Industry Reports gains its insights and significance from the robust data on which our analysis is based. There’s nothing else like it in Canada, with each report drawing on information from the largest database of plans and plan member behaviour in the country – nearly 5,000 plans representing more than 1.3 million plan members with more than $82 billion in assets under management

The report was first launched in 2014, and our regular updates ensure you have the latest capital accumulation plan information at your fingertips. Here’s how can you make the best use of what Designed for Savings 2017: Industry Reports has to offer.

  • Measure trends: Changes in the pension industry may be gradual, but they are constant. These updated industry reports can highlight trends in a number of key areas, from investment choices, to contribution rates, to waiting periods.
  • Compare across industries: Each industry has its own unique needs and competitive pressures – and there are significant differences in capital contribution plans from sector to sector. With these reports, you can compare plans within a specific industry – and also assess how plans in a sector compare to those in others.
  • Take needed action on plan design: Capital accumulation plans need ongoing monitoring and review to maintain their effectiveness. The information in these reports can help identify plan features that may need enhancing or changing to meet the needs of organizations and plan members.

Download copies

The industry reports will be available for download on January 30 on a brand new microsite: trust that you’ll find the information and analysis they contain both interesting and helpful.


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