Planalytics gives you important information to support your ongoing review of your workplace retirement savings plan. 

These reports:

  • provide meaningful, actionable metrics
  • help you make data-driven decisions about your plan
  • drive better outcomes for your plan members

 Here are just some of the metrics provided in the reports:

  • Overall plan financials
  • How members are engaging with us
  • Number of members who made an active fund selection (versus defaulting)
  • Number of members missing beneficiary information
  • Metrics by investment product
  • Percentage of members invested in different fund types
  • Where members are investing broken down by age group
  • Percentage of members invested in the appropriate target date fund
  • And so much more! 

Types of reports include*:

  • Planalytics™ Dashboard (three-month view)
  • Planalytics™ Review (year-to-date view)
  • Planalytics™ Analysis (rolling 12-month view)

*Frequency of distribution may differ and fees may apply

To learn more, check out our Planalytics™ webpage or contact your Sun Life Group Retirement Services representative.